About Us

Coddiwomple means to travel purposefully/enthusiastically toward an as-yet-unknown destination.

Life is an adventure. We never truly know what will happen or where a path will take us. Nothing could be more true for planning an event or starting a marriage! We believe that even the bumps in the road can be the most precious memories! Coddiwomple Events exists to help coordinate details so you can move forward on your journey – fully present and free to soak in every minute!

Whether you enjoy putting together all the puzzle pieces or you want a dream event free from months of meticulous planning, we are excited to work with you!

Meet Our Team

Stacy Bell

Stacy (Lead Planner / Coordinator)

Austin Bell

Austin (Logistics Support Coordinator)


Amy (Associate Coordinator/Designer)


Allyn (Floral Designer)


Caroline (Associate Planner/Coordinator)


Georgia (Designer)