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My favorite and most trusted side-kick for events (as in life) is Austin. Pretty early on Austin started doing drone photo and video when he was with me at a wedding. A lifelong spinner of tales, the drone skills grew into a full-blown wedding Videography business as he discovered he enjoys documenting the setting, details, and story of each unique event (not to mention getting to work with other photographers who get excited about the art/science of capturing memories through a camera!).

We love what we get to do and are so honored to be a part of your special day!

Austin and I are “College Sweethearts” - met as Freshman and married Senior year. He’s a full-on outdoor wilderness guy and I’m a city girl (unless there’s water and/or animals involved!). 
We didn’t have a planner for our own wedding (which was Christmas break between semesters!!!). While I totally enjoyed planning each piece, juggling and tracking all the detail myself did impact how much time we had to enjoy just being engaged! Because I didn’t want people I love to start their marriages tired and feeling like they forgot big wedding day details, I started gifting my help to family and friends. It was when I was helping with Austin’s brother’s wedding that I realized it was more than just a hobby - I was on my way to a venue meeting and realized that helping plan/problem solve/de-stress a situation with event planning is incredibly fulfilling and life giving! 

Our Story

  • Doors & top off my jeep is the good life. 
  • I still play with Fire Trucks.
  • Clearing our property and self-building our farm is my other other job. 


  • From opera to Kelly Clarkson - respect!
  • Shamelessly follow Kate Middleton. 
  • Sunglasses, Sandals, and Sunkissed are the perfect accessories.


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The Numbers

Life has no guarantees - so often plans don’t turn out quite like we envisioned. The journey can still be beautiful and that enthusiasm makes each piece a precious part of our stories - an adventure!  


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Quick Facts

Get to know stacy & Austin

Peanut butter & ice cream

Guilty Pleasure


cheesecake & ice cold coke


A *good* cup of black coffee (if it’s good coffee, you don’t need anything else!)

Coffee Order


The couple of sips before Austin takes it out of my hand in self-preservation (I will literally be buzzing tomorrow from a cup of coffee)


Getting to be creative & meeting fun/interesting people

Best part of your job


solving problems & building up relationships


Scrubbing toilets or dishes

Least Favorite Chore


cooking or grocery shopping


Unpopulated *real* mountains

Favorite Place


Ocean beach or with my furbabies


Working in my tractor, kayaking, or swimming

Free Time Activities


soaking up the sun (preferably on a beach but the front porch at our farm is great too!)  




Bucket List

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